Attitude Determines Altitude

Attitude is everything. Attitude dictates your altitude. Your mind is a powerful tool for you to have an amazing life.

Clarence was an elderly patient of mine. He has since passed away, but he was an amazing man who lived to an old age. He was vibrant and had a never-give-up attitude. He had a big impact with those he came into contact and taught me many things, but the main lesson I remember is his attitude.

He suffered from severe arthritis in almost every joint in his body. He had a concoction of things that he would mix up and rub on his joints. One of the ingredients was Old Spice. He must have used a lot of it. I did not have to look at my schedule to know when he was in my office. The smell of the “Clarence concoction” would permeate the atmosphere of our office upon his arrival.

During one of our frequent encounters, I asked him about exercise. Now this was extremely difficult for him because he was wheelchair bound. In all of my years of seeing him, I never saw him out of his wheelchair. I was trying to encourage him to improve his upper body strength so that he could assist better with his transfers. During our conversation, he told me that he got on his treadmill every day. He would spend five to fifteen minutes, two to three times a day. Mind you, I had never seen him walk. I was amazed and confused. How could he walk on a treadmill? His family finally made the connection for me.

He would start the treadmill and then roll his chair to the end. He would then place his feet on the treadmill, while sitting in his chair, and pick up his feet as the treadmill turned! He never gave up. He did what he could and made the most of his circumstances. He taught me “motion is lotion.” The more you move, the better you feel.

Clarence’s attitude kept him alive and vibrant in spite of a failing body. He squeezed all of the life he could out of the body he had. He had an amazing attitude that led to an amazing life. His attitude led to correct actions and he lived high above his circumstances. He learned to accept the things he could not change and to work on the things he could.

Is your attitude about your circumstance holding you back? Remember motion is lotion. Remember Clarence. Work on the things that you can change and accept the things that you cannot.

Enjoy your journey to an amazing life!