The Caleb Journey
Transform Your Mind, Body, and Spirit in 21 Days


Click the photo to go to Amazon to view The Caleb Journey

Click the photo to go to Amazon to view The Caleb Journey


If you've struggled to lose weight—and most of us have—then you know it's not as simple as just eating right and exercising.

You can feed your body all the vegetables you want, but your mind and spirit need to be fed too.

Without the proper nutrition for all aspects of your life—mind, body, and spirit—you can't live the life you were meant to live.

Basically, your body can't be its healthiest without your mind and spirit being their strongest.

Enter the Caleb Journey.

This 21-day ebook encourages you to maximize your health by connecting your mind, body, and spirit. You will transform your body in a way that will glorify God to help you live a life of legacy and to lead an amazing life.

Who Is Dr. Curtis Brown?

As a family physician for over 25 years, I have seen the devastating complications of avoidable health problems. I believe we can all improve our health and well-being. I also believe we have a spiritual obligation to do so! The one thing God gave me that he has never given to anyone else in the history of the universe is my body. My flesh suite.

I believe we should be stewards of everything God has given to us and our bodies are the most unique gift we have. None of us are alike and we will not all have the same results, but we will be accountable with how we manage all of our resources.

You will receive 21 days of daily instruction that will educate and encourage you in the Caleb Journey. We will cover a wide range of topics that include easy-to-understand information on nutrition, exercise, and health. 

HOw does it work?

You can visit Amazon to purchase the ebook. For 21 days, you'll follow along as I cover the topics listed below. You'll be invited and encouraged to join our Facebook group. Accountability is a must when it comes to transforming your life. We have a group Pinterest board for extra inspiration, shared recipes, and helpful exercises. 

Here's what we'll cover during our journey:

Basic Nutrition

  • What is a carbohydrate?
  • How much protein do I need?
  • What are fats?
  • Are all fats bad?
  • How many calories do I need?
  • How much fluid do I need?


  • What type of exercise do I need?
  • Is lifting weights helpful?
  • How much should I exercise?
  • What should I eat before and after exercise?

Helpful Ways to Avoid Expensive Prescriptions and Office Visits:

  • High blood pressure
  • Acid reflux
  • Diabetes
  • High Cholesterol


  • Everybody has it.
  • All stress is not bad.
  • Brain hacks to help you deal with it.
  • Control your thought life.

Spiritual Growth

  • Improve stewardship of your health
  • Practical tips on dealing with difficult people in a Christ honoring way
  • Helps in dealing with temptations
  • How to glorify God with your body
  • Why forgiveness is important to your health

How is the Caleb Journey different from everything else? 

The Caleb Journey encourages you to improve your whole life. Weight loss is just one aspect. When a person can figure out why they should lose weight and take care of their bodies, the how comes easier. 

How much is it?

You can purchase the ebook for $9.99 on Amazon.


To help you on your journey, I have included two bonus tools for you in the back of the book: 

RECIPES: How to fuel your body for healthy energy with savory meals.

Knowing what to eat is just the beginning of your journey to health. These recipes are my favorites and include 21 delicious and energizing meals. I have also included my favorite smoothies and ideas for snacks.

SUPPLEMENTS: Bringing clarity to a complicated subject.

The world of supplements is complicated and confusing. I have included a list of my top supplements. I will explain the benefits and the science of each one. You will learn which supplement might be right for you.


I'm involved with a clinic in Livingston, Guatemala. It is a small village in a remote location and has very limited resources. Some friends of mine and I have committed to supporting the clinic. We help pay the salary of a Guatemalan doctor and help with clinic expenses. We are partnering with a local church in this effort. I have committed 20% of profits from this course to support the ministry of the clinic.

The clinic is part of El Faro Missions and the church in Livingston. You can read more about them at