Summer Challenge: Revisiting the 10-Day Diet Challenge

I started the 10-Day Diet Challenge last summer, and it has been well received by many people. Hundreds of people from all over the world are trying this diet. I have even had people from Russia take up the challenge. This week, I had a patient that lost an amazing 16.6lbs in 10 days. He was very faithful to the plan and reported 3 inches lost on his waist! He was feeling more energetic and was confident he could continue to eat clean. 

It was about day five that he thought he would actually survive the plan! Almost everyone experiences carb withdrawal symptoms at some time during the challenge. If you stick with it, your energy will rebound and the brain fog will clear! On average, most men are dropping 6–8 lbs and women are dropping 4–6 lbs. This plan is easy and reproducible, and did I mention it was free?

The secret is getting off the insulin roller coaster. When your insulin level moves, up or down, it can trigger hunger. Cravings are often triggered by insulin swings. High glycemic carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, and sugar) start the insulin roller coaster and create more appetite. There is a reason you can’t eat just one chip!

Protein will blunt the insulin response. Always eat some protein when you are eating even healthy carbs. A small bite of peanut butter can flatten the insulin curve from your daily fruit.

I am a believer in PGX and its benefits. It is a fiber product that can flatten the insulin curve and create a sense of fullness. I try to consume it twice a day.

If you have never tried the 10-Day Diet Challenge, give it a try. It is found on my website and is really simple to start. If you have tried it before but not recently, I want to challenge you to do it again. I like to repeat the challenge about every six weeks or so. I do not always do it for 10 days, but I always feel better for doing it.

I have found this plan to be simple to follow and an effective way to maintain a healthy body weight. It helps with my energy level and also helps eliminate brain fog!