The Brain-Gut Connection

Did you know that over 70% of neurotransmitters are actually made in the gut? Science is beginning to unravel the complicated connections in our bodies and one of the more amazing connections is the brain-gut connection.

I think that intuitively we have known about the brain-gut connection for some time. It is even ingrained in our language. You have probably said something like this before: “I have a gut feeling.” 

There is research that shows connections to chronic diseases and to the bacteria in our intestines. Certain patterns are starting to emerge with respect to the types of bacteria in our intestines with certain illnesses.

Several studies have shown a connection to the gut microbiome and many different problems associated with our brains. Parkinson’s Disease, anxiety, and depression are a few that exemplify this connection.

It seems reasonable to me to think about keeping our guts healthy in order to keep the rest of our bodies healthy—including our brains. One of the best ways to do this is to decrease and eliminate processed and high sugar. These types of food tend to cause inflammation that can have a cascading effect throughout the body.

Probiotics are bacteria that are normal and healthy for our intestines. Each capsule will contain millions, if not billions, of bacteria. I often recommend my patients to consider probiotics for intestinal problems. If you are taking antibiotics, I encourage you to also consider taking probiotics. 

I believe that most things that can cause your intestines to be inflamed can also cause some neurological issues as well. These problems may be subclinical, meaning that it is not readily noticeable.

Probiotics will not cure anxiety or depression, but they may provide some relief for some people. If you are struggling with anxiety and depression, try a radical approach and eat healthy and exercise and take some probiotics. Avoid processed foods and sugar for a couple of weeks and see if your energy improves and the fogginess in you clears up. Try my 10-Day Diet Challenge and see if you feel better. I have a gut feeling that you will!