Mission Trip to Livingston, Guatemala

I am involved with a ministry in Livingston, Guatemala. Livingston is a small community in Guatemala that is the home of 10,000 to 12,000 people with little or no healthcare. Healthcare in Guatemala is essentially free through the government. However, there is essentially no real healthcare available. The government clinic has not been able to pay their nurses and there are little or no medicines available.

Miguel Gonzales is a young pastor with a big vision for Livingston. He started a house church with just a few believers and had a big vision for ministry that included starting a clinic. Through various circumstances, some friends and I have become involved and support the clinic. There is a local Guatemalan doctor who works daily in the clinic.

Pastor Miguel has trained a new pastor who is now leading the ministry, Enrique Blanco. He is a dynamic leader and is growing the church and clinic.

My friend Brian Banks and I took a team and had a medical clinic. We saw about 450 patients and dispensed over a thousand prescriptions over the three-day period. We also were able to provide an EKG machine for the clinic. It is the only 12 lead EKG for many miles and will make a tremendous difference in the health of the local Guatemalans. The EKG was donated by Mercy Hospital.