Supplements: To B or Not to B

Today, I am blogging about B vitamins. I recently said fish oil was my favorite supplement. Well, a close second is my B-complex vitamin.

Many people believe B-12 helps with energy. I have patients come in to my clinic asking for a B-12 shot frequently. It gives them a little boost. I do not think it lasts very long and again there is probably a placebo effect. We have had a retired NFL player report he and many of his teammates would take a B-12 shot right before the game. He said they would look for any kind of edge they could find and believed B-12 gave them a boost.

Most people can supplement with oral B-12 and be just fine. There are a few people who are missing an intrinsic factor in their stomachs and will benefit from the shots.

I think the B-complex supplement I take helps me some with energy but also with mood. I know it may sound a little crazy, but I think I am generally a little happier when I am taking it.

B-12 has shown to improve homocysteine levels in our blood. Low homocysteine levels have been associated with cardiovascular risks. I do not routinely check homocysteine levels, but many holistic doctors do.

Supplementing with B-12 has some other reported benefits. One of the more interesting ones is how it helps to maintain healthy DNA. There is a common process in our bodies called methylation. It is responsible for many different functions. One of them involves keeping our DNA healthy. If you are low on B-12, it can affect your ability to properly methylate.

I get all of my supplements from Thorne Research. They are one of the top supplement manufactures in the world. They have recently partnered with the Mayo Clinic. They only provide their supplements through medical providers. If you want to use their products, use my code, HCP1050950. I am an affiliate, and this means I get a commission if you buy from them. Some patients just use them for education only. They have a fairly extensive library of articles on different supplements and uses.

I hope you have found this information helpful.

Wishing You an Amazing Life,

Dr. Curtis Brown