Understand Your Why

In a recent blog, The Most Important Thing about Trying to Lose Weight, I wrote about the most important thing for improving your health and losing weight: simply to decide to do so. Over the years, I have found those people who have succeeded have chosen to make it happen. They are proactive and take responsibility for their own health and weight loss goals.

Again, the concept is really simple. First you must decide! If you are thinking, I will do this when I have more time or money or my situation changes, chances are you will never take action. Most of us are like water: we tend to go to the level of least resistance.

Deciding is the first step. Deciding is the most important thing, but it is not everything. I have decided and have started many things only to give up in a few short days or weeks.

To really stay with it when things are a little tougher, you must have a compelling reason, a compelling why. Remember, we basically make decisions based off of pain versus pleasure.

For me to stick with something, even when it is painful, I must have a compelling vision of future benefit or pleasure. The scale must be tipped to the pleasure side for me to decide in the moment. Now the problem becomes in the moment; if I eat this now, I will have some pleasure and relief of pain. I must have a compelling vision of future benefits that outweigh the current situation. It has to have more attraction, more benefits in my mind, than my current situation.

People who are successful at losing weight understand delaying temporary pleasure for permanent results will ultimately give them more pleasure. So, you must get a clear vision of your future desires. What do you think it will feel like when you have reached your goals? What health benefits will you have obtained? How much more energy will you have? How much better will you feel about your body?

First, decide it is important. You cannot move beyond this until you know that you know it is important. Next, create in your mind a compelling future vision. Write it down. Keep a journal of your thoughts and desires. This vision must be strong and compelling. You will need to draw energy from it when you are tired. Set a goal with a timeline and tell someone. Better yet, team up with some friends and journey together to better health.

Wishing You an Amazing Life,
Curtis Brown MD

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